Wallet private beta testing for Ethereum users

self.ethereum1m ago
Greetings to the Ethereum community. I am unsure whether this is the right place to publish information about new product launches. If not, please guide me to the right Reddit with Ethereum products. Here is my announcement. Our team has developed and launched an open-source EVM-based wallet [vigvam.app](https://vigvam.app), and we invite Ethereum users to participate in our private beta testing. Everything will be conducted in testnets with new wallets only. Active testers will be rewarded with Vigvam NFT pro that will allow access to the Premium wallet features. You may learn more about testing, our team, and values on our blog. To become a tester, you need to visit our website, install an application, and use this code: VREDETH to get access to the wallet. Please feel free to ask any questions below this publication.