Wallet Hacked

1M Ago
Hello, I'm not going to hide behind some burner account as I don't want anyone to accuse me of this story being fake. As the title says my Exodus account was hacked this morning while I was asleep. I am not perfect; I did take a screenshot of my 12-word phrase, and it was saved in my iCloud account. However, despite this I've never received any notification that my Apple ID was used to sign into iCloud, nor did I ever get any two-factor authentication sign-in requests for my account, so I do not believe that my iCloud account was compromised. Otherwise, my 12-word is written down on a sheet of paper and sealed in my safe that only I have access to. What's odd is they didn't take my ADA, XRP, DOGE, LTC, ETC and many other alt coins that I have (all those balances were less than 1k USD though). They just took the two lion shares of my portfolio BTC and ETH. I am a Celsius refugee (lost 35-40k there) through their lies and deceit and literally was starting over from $0 in July. I am a disabled combat vet, so I am not able to work like most normal people. so mining is my main source of income. In that 2-month period I had built up to $6,500 again by putting the rest of what I had back into the market. Having this theft happen has seriously put me into a dark place. It took a lot of courage and determination for me to continue with what happened from Celsius, this just feels like the final nail in my coffin. I am embarrassed beyond belief and have a mixture of rage and disappointment with myself for letting this happen. Again. I have 3 kids and a wife so killing myself isn't an option currently, but I guess being alive and homeless together is better than my kids growing up fatherless. I scanned my computer daily with Malware bytes premium and SuperAntiSpyware and nothing was ever found. Outside of gaming the PC is used for the occasional amazon purchase and that's it. I had some old mining software (Phoenix miner and XMR miner) but I've had them for years and nothing was ever stolen before, so I am doubtful that was the problem either. Taking this into consideration, I have completely erased and formatted my hard drive and started my PC from scratch only having a handful of programs (steam, discord, Adobe & GeForce experience). This was everything I had left so I'm pretty terrified on where to go from here on providing for myself and my family. I used the accounts as my checking accounts so now that they've been wiped out, I feel like a failure as a husband and a father. I never thought in a million years this would happen to me. I am going to post the transaction ID's here. Any help on identifying any information about the movements and how this could have possibly happened to me would be greatly appreciated. ETH: 0x1e86d93ee3451f3c324bcc8d48c4dd98aca9bf42766140fcdd8462553ff33f2a BTC: bca0dd1669bbfd880b6cd28ffe57f6f2f34c73f930b4fbb923c721883a3617b7 ***Update 9/4/22:*** So, the ETH finally left the holding account and made it to: 0x4648451b5F87FF8F0F7D622bD40574bb97E25980 After checking into this account, this is the main holding account for all of the thefts made. This POS sits on a nice comfortable 180.5214 ETH to a small sum of $282,649.61 at current market prices. Meanwhile I'm trying to figure out how to scrape 50 dollars together to get started again. It's like I got kicked in the balls and now I'm being spit on when I'm down. I just can't believe this happened to me. Twice.