VMware wants to drive enterprise adoption of Ethereum with new blockchain beta

1M Ago
VMware is the company that made x86 server virtualization mainstream with 500K+ businesses. The company believes the Ethereum technology stack — from EVM, solidity smart contracts, APIs, developer tools, and its overall ecosystem — is the broadest and most mature stack on which to build blockchain networks. Yet, there are several critical gaps Ethereum platforms have that make them difficult to use for enterprise use cases, such as lack of robust privacy and scalability for complex workloads, governance mechanisms, and enterprise-class operational support characteristics. To address these gaps, VMware is launching VMware Blockchain for Ethereum, available in beta. More info - [https://octo.vmware.com/introducing-vmware-blockchain-for-ethereum-beta-and-developer-kit/](https://octo.vmware.com/introducing-vmware-blockchain-for-ethereum-beta-and-developer-kit/) Beta sign up - [https://via.vmw.com/3HlJCD](https://via.vmw.com/3HlJCD) ​ https://preview.redd.it/xex9v5j1zqj91.png?width=576&format=png&auto=webp&s=09c52db0f39214c07fbe8f862d3a293d9eb29b41