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DigiByte Foundation Member Josiah Spackman Speaks in depth about DigiByte, Bitcoin and more...

Josiah Spackman is a cryptocurrency investor and speaker and is a member of the Digibyte Foundation.SOCIAL MEDIAYoutube - Josiah Spackman - DigibyteTwitter - @dgb_chillingTIMESTAMPS00:35 - How Josiah Got Into Cryptocurrency02:20 - Differences Between Bitcoin, Lightcoin and Digibyte03:35 - What Determines The Speed Of Each Coin04:30 - Cryptocurrency Is Very Volatile05:18 - Cryptocurrency Has Still Been Ticking Along Despite COVID-1905:52 - What Block Chain Is07:35 - Anonymity Of Cryptocurrency09:03 - Monetary Limit Of Bitcoin09:32 - Living Off Just Bitcoin/Making Purchases With Bitcoin11:38 - NZ Isn’t A Cash Based Society Unlike Some Countries12:49 - Going Cashless/U.S. Dollar Number 1 Dollar Laundered For Nefarious Purposes14:07 - Digital Fingerprint Of Cryptocurrency15:41 - China’s Surveillance Can Still Detect People Based On Their Eyes16:33 - Black Mirror/Social Credit System In China18:36 - ICO(Initial Coin Offering)/Pump & Dump Schemes23:07 - BitTorrent/Youtube Backups24:42 - Creating Your Own Coin/Josiah Doesn’t Want To Create His Own Coin26:19 - Red Flags With Certain Coins/BitConnect28:31 - Investing Is A Gamble/Don’t Take Out Money During A Crash29:30 - Josiah Bought A House In Auckland30:38 - You Can Rent And Still Retire By Investing Correctly32:22 - Peer To Peer Lending33:28 - Josiah Buying A House Right After 2008 Financial Crisis34:43 - Boomers Have A Lot Of Disposable Income37:20 - Paying A Tax On A House Annually 39:33 - Josiah Is Hesitant To Provide Sound Financial Advice About Cryptocurrency40:52 - Josiah Does...

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