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Valuing Uniswap ($UNI). Should I sell now or hold my UNI?

Here's how I am valuing UNI and what my strategy is. 150,000,000 tokens redeemable/in supply right now. Largest decentralised exchange token is AAVE's LEND token which has a $765,000,000 market cap so if Uniswap were to have the same market cap as LEND, then ***1 UNI = $5.1*** However, Uniswap is bigger than AAVE in my opinion. So here are some other comparisons: UNI market cap = YFI market cap: $6.60 UNI market cap = #20 on CoinGecko: $10 UNI UNI market cap = #10 on CoinGecko: $20 UNI Based on all of the above, I think that UNI could very well rise to $6-10 or more when you consider the hype and the household name which is Uniswap within this ecosystem (I would be surprised if UNI hit's #10 on CoinGecko but it is very possible with hype and FOMO since Uniswap is such a well known exchange). However, I think that a fair valuation without hype and speculation would be around $6 as this would make UNI more valuable than AAVE's LEND and a little less than YFI, the king of all yield farming protocols. ***So what am I doing?*** I have redeemed my 400 UNI since I used Uniswap on one account before September 1st (if this is you, you should have some UNI waiting for you). Unfortunately my second account which I used later on in September won't receive anything. I have sold half of my UNI straight into ETH. I am happy with these profits since 400 UNI heavily distorts my portfolio towards alts, so I am happy with selling 200 UNI for what is basically 1.8 free ETH. I will let the remaining 200 UNI ride. If it goes to $0 I'm happy because I already claimed 1.8ETH for free! If it goes to $10, I will sell another 100 UNI and the remaining 100 UNI I will HODL indefinitely since I have a lot of faith in Uniswap as a core protocol for the Ethereum ecosystem. This strategy of mine is not going to maximise profits. However, it also won't leave me regretful if the price of UNI moons. My strategy is about managing risk and taking profits. I would highly recommend this strategy...
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