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Valuation of Ethereum (ETH)

I think this podcast is interesting. Link: []( Its first mover advantage is not easy to be dethroned, such as huge developer community, better tools/infrastructure (MetaMask, MyCrypto, Truffle, Infura, Geth, etc). Most importantly, a lot of "ETH killers" indeed sacrifice decentralization and/or security for scalability. ETH's decentralization is a great layer 1 to be built on. Projects can be built as layer 2 for specific applications. Jz my short review here. What do you guys think ?
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Is Polkdot a threat to Ethereum?

“The race is on” said recently Jorge Izquierdo of Aragon, an ethereum dapp that might also be built on Polkadot, a new ethereum2.0-like blockchain built by Parity Tech. Parity runs...
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Former JPM Blockchain "OG" Tweetstorm

1/ With all the buzz around JPM Coin, I have some Feelings as a JPM Blockchain "OG" especially as people jump onboard the bash-train. They're completely missing why this is important progress for the ...