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Valuation of Ethereum (ETH)

I think this podcast is interesting. Link: []( Its first mover advantage is not easy to be dethroned, such as huge developer community, better tools/infrastructure (MetaMask, MyCrypto, Truffle, Infura, Geth, etc). Most importantly, a lot of "ETH killers" indeed sacrifice decentralization and/or security for scalability. ETH's decentralization is a great layer 1 to be built on. Projects can be built as layer 2 for specific applications. Jz my short review here. What do you guys think ?
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Another (non-DAI) stablecoin hits the dirt

Interesting week for stablecoins. Recently BitShares bitUSD went into "global settlement," meaning that users can no longer borrow bitUSD from the chain, but they can convert it into collateral (BTS) ...
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The Tale of Two 93s

The Tale of Two 93s: The total daily gas used on the Ethereum network (the native demand-metric) is going strong at 93% of its peak. But the market cap is down 93% from its peak!
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Hedge token trading

After many months of hard work, we are incredibly pleased to see the HEDG token listed on both Hotbit and CoinTiger. Our software engineers have been working around the clock to ensure that our token…
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Gnosis’ Season of Announcements

Each day until December 15, we’ll share a major update or release. Just like opening the doors of your holiday calendar, we hope to delight you every day!