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Valuation of Ethereum (ETH)

I think this podcast is interesting. Link: []( Its first mover advantage is not easy to be dethroned, such as huge developer community, better tools/infrastructure (MetaMask, MyCrypto, Truffle, Infura, Geth, etc). Most importantly, a lot of "ETH killers" indeed sacrifice decentralization and/or security for scalability. ETH's decentralization is a great layer 1 to be built on. Projects can be built as layer 2 for specific applications. Jz my short review here. What do you guys think ?
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Latest Week in Ethereum

News and LinksProtocol • [Eth 2.0] What’s new in Eth 2.0 weekly • [Eth 2.0] Eric Conner’s economics of staking, with Vitalik adding some numbers. • [Eth 2.0] Improvements to reduce capital costs of...
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Fake News in Crypto – Anthony Pompliano

The crypto industry is complex. It requires an individual to understand technology, business, economics, law, and politics. Each of these concepts are tough to tackle by themselves, let alone under…
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Effect of Derivatives on Cryptocurrency Prices

This article will attempt to lay out the economic effects the introduction of derivatives has on the crypto market. For those that don’t know, the term ‘derivatives’ includes futures, swaps…