Using MetaMask as a cold wallet


I know MetaMask is usually thought of as a hot wallet. It is a browser extension that you can use when browsing the internet. However, if I never connect my computer to the internet, and since MetaMask is a self custody wallet (contains the private keys), wouldn't that make it a cold wallet?

Theoretically that could make a spare laptop + MetaMask just as safe as a Ledger or other dedicated hardware wallets.

Edit: some of you seem to think that Ledger and others are selling you some sort of special hardware which exclusively makes your wallet safe. This is false.

There is only one important distinction: "does your private keys ever touch the internet?". Which in the case of a fresh laptop + MetaMask installed from USB, is no. In this case, MetaMask is only used for seed generation. In this situation, unless someone breaks in and knows where the hardware is, MetaMask offers the exact same level of security as a Ledger or whatever else.