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Updates from the Dev Cave: The New XYO Developers’ Portal

Updates from the Dev Cave: The New XYO Developers’ Portal

In preparation for this weekend’s ETHDenver Hackathon, Phillip Lorenzo, our technical writer, completely revamped the XYO Developer Portal. Teams at ETHDenver will compete to build out the XYO User Interface (UI) or to audit XYO’s security features.

Here are the XYO ETHDenver challenges

Build a user interface that will (choose one):

Onboard a Diviner — how can we get an XYO Diviner responding to questions on a testnet away from local development? Make sure you follow the SDK NodeJS Package and it would be helpful to follow the Payable on Delivery Demo Prior to figuring out an onboarding process. Stake/unstake/withdraw/activate a Diviner — In order for any component on XYO to participate, especially the Diviner, needs to put a stake in (Proof of Stake) to legitimize their responses on-chain. How would you approach this? Governance — In order for fair rewards upon successful completion of an question/response session, we need to provide rewards from the stake pool. Write and implement a smart contract for voting on re-parameterization of XYO and one time actions. Withdraw rewards — Write and implement a smart contract that can ask for a withdraw from a ‘master wallet’ which holds the totals of successful question/response sessions. Do this without any reentrancy and ensure that the contract is secure and modular, and implements or knows about consensus. Submit Requests {Pool} — This pool will be holding all total active stake. How, using an assumed governance with staking model would you submit a request to/from the pool? This may look like an interface that can stake, activate, unstake, and withdraw on XYO components.

Alternatively, you can conduct a security review of our smart contracts.

Not at ETHDenever? Here’s what else you can find on the new

Future updates to the developer portal will add features like video tutorials and an interactive sandbox ...

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