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UniDex: Simplifying Decentralized Trading

Exchanges in the cryptocurrency space had plenty of time to prepare for the rise of Uniswap and they still couldn’t stop it from becoming an elite force in the industry. Uniswap has brought about an extremely simple, easy way to trade cryptocurrency in a space that tries to align itself with a decentralized model to maintain a level of transparency not seen in the traditional financial world. ​ Although it is one of the most viable decentralized exchanges, improvements to make the exchange even easier while adding in factors like arbitrage trading, best value, etc., are being developed in a space that has everyone rushing to find the next way to change it. A new project called ***UniDex*** is attempting to do this by making the experience of Decentralized trading even simpler. ***UniDex*** (***UNIDX,Contract Address: 0x95b3497bBcCcc46a8F45F5Cf54b0878b39f8D96C***)is an ERC20 token tied to a smart contract which provides a trading terminal that takes different decentralized trading solutions while working on top of Dex’s like Uniswap to provide an even easier, simpler experience with additional benefits. What makes ***UniDex*** so unique is that isn’t just a limit order finder that utilizes only Uniswap. *UniDex uses the liquidity pools from Uniswap, Balancer Pool, 1inch Exchange, Kyber Network, and even Aave*. ​ This contract **essentially swaps one token for another once a price target is hit**. When the target is reached, *UniDex* finds this target on the above Dex’s and utilizes their own liquidity pools to execute the order. It’s important to note this, as initially the liquidity of ***UniDex*** token will not be a factor because of the abilities in the smart contracts code. The following features and tools are already developed and tested for launch: ​ * Execution of limit orders on multiple dex’s from a single site r...
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