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TxLink launches to enable dApp key management on any mobile crypto wallet

The team of Frontier, an app to manage decentralized protocols, today announced the launch of TxLink — a middleware between dApps and mobile blockchain wallets for transaction signing.

Two driving reasons the Frontier team built this tool include:

Removing platform dependency for users. Simplifying multiple address management. “Our vision behind building TxLink is to let users interact with dApps through their preferred wallet on mobile without forcing them to create a new wallet or to import private keys or seed phrases of existing wallets. TxLink is a middle layer that enables building a native dApp and letting the existing wallets handle the key management.” – The Frontier Team How TxLink Brings Wallet Composability to Mobile

Wallet composability is a system that enables the user to choose the desired wallet to perform or complete certain operations. These can include: staking, gaming dApps, DeFi protocols, NFTs, etc. and thereby removing the address fragmentation problem.

TxLink is a middleware that connects dApps and DeFi protocols including MakerDao, Compound, bZx, Synthetix, and more, to a user’s preferred mobile wallet. TxLink uses deep linking tech; which enables applications like Frontier to connect with any web3 mobile wallet which supports EIP- 681.

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