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Trying to give away blockchains very first composite token and looking for your feedback too

Hi all, first time posting here so let me know if I'm screwing this up. I've been following this project for a couple years and they're finally proven their concept. They want to transfer tokens from different blockchains in one single transactions in what they call an Emblem Vault. The community has made a few of these already to test it out, and now they want to give away the first community funded vault. At the time of this post, the vault has some bitcoin, some ethereum, BAT, Coval, and Bitpanda (edit: also kardiachain, KAI). You can check it out here : The emblem vault product is associated with circuits of value (Coval) and you can see what they are aspiring to achieve at their website If you made it this far, please let us know your feedback. As I mentioned, there's a giveaway for this specific vault and you can enter by doing the retweet thing on Twitter here: As of writing, the vault is valued at $240. Thanks. Appreciate all feedback here.
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Trump or Biden? It Doesn’t Matter To Crypto

Strange as it may seem, the cryptocurrency markets couldn’t care less who wins the White House. Or the Senate. Or the US House of Representatives.
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Governance issues for MakerDAO

As reported on the official MakerDAO blog, there were some governance issues during the last vote. The community voted to increase the surplus buffer.