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🔥 Truth Behind Current Market Situation 🔥

To Understand Everything first we have to understand G7. If you have no Idea about it then let me explain in short that what is G7 you will get an Idea about it. In G7 there are world's Powerful, industrialized democratic countries are Included, Which comes Together and discuss on some important topics like Economy, Security, Energy, Governance and all other policies. In it they do main discussion on the Global Economy. This G7 group of countries has fear from the cryptocurrency but currently it's running on the road of future, It's on the Boom and the market cap of cryptocurrency were soo much Higher then the Market cap of G7 Which is SDR ( Special Drawing Rights ). In Jan 2017 the Market Cap of cryptocurrency were approx 835 Billion Dollars and the SDR value of G7 on that time were only around 291 Billion Dollar. At that time the Economy of this group were going out of their hand and they were getting problems because of that. All of the countries which comes under G7 they create monitory reserves like Gold, Foreign Exchanges Currencies they store all of this In the form of assets because if in coming time the economy of these country's get bad time so that at that time they use them to manage everything Perfectly. But The issue which they facing were that the market cap of crypto currency were 835 Billion Dollar and G7 SDR was only 291 Billion Dollar. So at that they conduct a meeting and decided that they have to create their reserves again but in that time they were going to Invest in cryptocurrency. But They want to invest into the lower price. On June 8, 2018 they were a Summit in Canada and they discusses the same. All of these have the contact with most powerful investors and currently with the help of them they are taking the whole market down and planing to re-entering into it again like they did the same in October November last year. If You Don't trust then you can check the chart of bitcoin G7 were on meeting in June 8-9 at that time the price were...
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Awesome video from #ETHDenver

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11 Things Ethereum is Enabling Right Now

11 Things Ethereum is Enabling Right Now:1. Moving money like email ✅2. Securing digital property rights ✅ (@hoardexchange ) 3. Sovereign digital identities ✅ (@uport_me @bloomtoken )4. Decentralised ...