Trustlessness and KYC

self.ethereum1m ago
I still see some comments showing a misunderstanding of what trustlessness means. Yet, trustlessness is a key component of decentralized cryptocurrencies and a reason behind their ruthless efficiency. Notably, it's a key component of Ethereum's success. Most Dapps rely on this. Even the core of Ethereum relies on this. And yet, more and more Dapps seem to be attracted to the demand to require KYC and thus reintroduce trust. ShapeShift has shown a way to get rid of this, but I can understand some people aren't ready to lose control over their Dapps. The question is: if you keep control and yet can be coerced into implementing some KYC and have to use it and do whatever someone else asks you to, depending on such KYC result, are you really sure you're still having control anyway? So, to remind of the utmost important of trustlessness and how to still build trust from it, here's an old, yet still very relevant and fun mini-game on trust, about game theory. Here's the evolution of trust: