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Truffle v3.4.6 released! Newest Solidity, improved messaging, and other updates.

Hello! Some fresh Truffle updates for your Tuesday:

What's in this release

Improvements and upgrades. 💯

Truffle now ships with Solidity v0.4.13 🎉 (trufflesuite/truffle#484) Migrations now show transaction ids of all attempted transactions so you can more easily diagnose finicky migrations. 🔍 (trufflesuite/truffle#495) We've made error reporting nicer so you can pull less hair out. (trufflesuite/truffle#489) You can now use aliases to run Truffle commands. No more RSI or knuckle pain! (trufflesuite/truffle#491) Examples: truffle u == truffle unbox. truffle com == truffle compile. (truffle c could match multiple commands, so it won't work) In your configuration file, you can now wrap network providers in a function so you're not pinging multiple networks all at once! (trufflesuite/truffle#348) Internal: We now use web3 v0.20.1 inside Truffle. Great work to that team. (trufflesuite/truffle#485) Get the new version

First uninstall the old version of Truffle:

$ npm uninstall -g truffle

Then install the new version:

$ npm install -g truffle

If you're on Ubuntu or OS X, you may need to use sudo in the above commands.


As always, we thank you for your continued support and feedback. Keep a look out for plenty new features in the coming weeks, as we have a lot of exciting things to show.

Cheers! -- The Truffle Team

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