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Tried to send myself $100 in eth from uphold to coinbase. For some "altcoin" & the fees for anything built on the ETH NETWORK were astronomical. Im mean like it said. $300 fee to send my $100 to myself... Im so pissed atm PLEASE PLEASE ELI5

Cuz when i do this with ADA or XRP I get my $ fast & it cost almost nothing in fees. Why on gawds earth would i keep my eth? Its useless. Except for holding. I guess. But then when i wanna sell whats my fees gunna be? Wtf do i have to always convert my eth into something useful & then send it ? & if i want eth convert back? But why do i want eth? Tbh im thinking i may swap out all 20k worth of eth for something more my speed. & by my speed i mean not going fucking backwards!
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