transaction fee savings clarification??

1M Ago
hi there - trying to dig through the etherscan knowledge base to answer this question but haven't had any luck, hoping to get help here. ​ In this transaction **is the user paying 0.00297431828938025 eth (transaction fee), and 'avoiding' an additional 0.00283118171061975 eth (txn savings) via the unused gas refund?** or ​ is the **user paying 0.00297431828938025 (transaction fee) and receiving back 0.00283118171061975 (txn savings) as a refund?**. When I do the math, this scenario doesn't make sense because the amount burned is 'gone', an the tip is is already distributed to the staker so I'm not sure where this credit back would take place..but what the hell do i know ​ I'm a little confused that its called a 'savings fee'. Like is the **0.00283118171061975** (txn savings) deducted from the senders wallet and then returned..or? any help is appreciated and long live eth! ​