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Trading event with $10,000 in rewards: UNI vs. COMP on Kick Exchange

DeFi Traders Battle is coming: UNI vs. COMP Fight for $10,000

Choose your side, gather a team, and get ready for battle. Start on October 22, it will be hot

In honour of the upcoming listing of the new DeFi token COMP (Compound), we are announcing a massive trading battle of traders. Choose your side — UNI or COMP and get ready for the battle. Invite friends to your team, use the referral link, and earn even more.

Nobody will leave the battlefield without a prize. You will get rewards even if you find yourself in the outsider team and even if you do not get prizes among the top traders. Absolutely all KickEX traders receive unique $KEX tokens for trading on the exchange. $KEX is a special semi-stablecoin of the KickEX exchange that traders mine while trading, and you can get this exclusive token by trading during the battle!

Dates: from October 22, 2020, 12:00 (UTС) to November 15, 2020, 12:00 (UTC).

The total prize pool $10,000: $2000 in USDT, $1500 in UNI/COMP, $6500 in $KEX!

5 steps to prepare for the battle:

You have 3 days to prepare for the battle and now you need:

1) Register on the KickEX exchange, it is quick and easy;

2) Decide on which side you will fight UNI or COMP;

3) Make a reserve of tokens. Make a deposit from your existing UNI or COMP, or buy crypto directly on the KickEX exchange from for fiat using a credit card. You can read more about how to do this here.

4) Invite like-minded people, friends or referrals to the battle to increase the strength of the team. Today you can start spreading the word about the upcoming great battle of traders.

5) Pump your trading muscle and practice in advance in the exchange terminal. The bigger is the team’s trading volume, the closer you are to victory!

Important! In order to be considered as part of the winning team, you need to have a trading turnover in the selected token (UNI or COMP) of at least $100 in the first week of t...

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