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Trade $COMP at 0% slippage on backed by Uniswap liquidity!

[]( integrates liquidity from Uniswap into its order book for the COMP/ETH pair. **How to trade any order size with 0% slippage though?** 1. Place a Limit Order close to the spread if you want to buy/sell in a timely manner, and wait until Uniswap crosses your rate. 2. Once Uniswap crosses your rate, the biggest available portion of your order that is able to match at 0% slippage, will do so. 3. In case there is a remaining amount still sitting in the book, the whole procedure will repeat until the whole order has entirely been matched at 0% slippage. As easy as that. COMP/ETH trading pairs: []( PS: We also aggregated all available liquidity from Kyber, and Oasis for our pairs, hence this also works for all other listed tokens. For any questions, make sure to join our Discord:
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