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Torque Capital Partners: We love LTO Network. Combining private and public layers + … bridge troll?

Where do you apply your technology? Who is going to use it?

It is important to understand who you are building the product for, meaning who your end users are. With dApps, it’s single users. LTO network goes further: their end users are B2B like governments, multinationals and enterprises. One can argue that converting a single user is easier than converting a corporation — and will be right — however, converting even one organization essentially brings thousands of user activity (and transactions) to the network. “Integrating with companies and especially governments is too difficult and time-consuming” — you will say… but LTO network makes it possible.

In this article we will go into these aspects:

Technology: elevated view on the architecture Case study: real estate solution Adoption: go-to-market strategy and the list of clients Financials: a company with revenue & token metrics Say “goodbye” to vesting and hard cliff lockups: the bridge troll and a fair Proportional Token Allocation ICO model Description of the technology and the architecture LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain for decentralized workflows: enabling B2B to collaborate on equal footing using trustless automated processes. Essentially any business process, any legal agreement or any inter-party process can be automated as a Live Contract: supply chain, third-party data handling, KYC, real estate lease agreements, NDA and so on. Live Contracts are completely GDPR and regulatory compliant, and are also made easy for integration. LTO Network architecture. Click to enlarge the picture.

This is just a brief introduction. As you can see, the technology can be applied across many industries. Let’s see if that is the case in practice.

Case study: real estate solution

The real estate portal is one of the use cases showcasing the blockchain technology adoption. It is not simply a document management tool — integration with the blockchain makes the process more sec...

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