Top Web3 projects to watch in 2023


While headlines focus on declining token prices, blockchain technology is doing fine and attracts record levels of users, investment, and interest from mainstream organizations.

Global payment provider VISA recently showed its intentions with web3 infrastructure and blockchain, with a heavy focus on security, scalability, interoperability, and privacy. At the same time, Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, one of the world's leading investment, advisory, and risk management firms, declared that open, decentralized ledgers would be an integral part of the global economy's future.

From the beginning, I believed that blockchain tech will make great changes for many industries.

I'm super excited to see how will all of this development in the near future, there are already some great predictions for the next year considering the Flare blockchain, for example, that aims to create a true cross-chain reality by “Connecting Everything.” using decentralized systems or there's tech startup Banger Games wants to open up new opportunities for gamers by becoming the first hub to reward players for their in-game and community activity, regardless of the game, publisher, or platform they do this on. Simply put, gamers will be able to receive rewards for playing leading online games such as PUBG & Counter-Strike.

This year my greatest revelation was Elan Future, a blockchain-based system that can send power to anyone, anywhere in seconds, allowing for a direct and seamless energy transfer without middlemen, fees, or restrictions. This project allows anyone to participate in energy production, implying that energy democratization has finally arrived.

I am aware that the metaverse is becoming a buzzword for Web3, while genuinely decentralized finance bubbles to the top after the collapse of several centralized exchanges. And when it comes to NFTs, they command attention and show a path toward tokenizing everyday assets, while digital collectibles infusion with blockchain games takes the industry to an entirely new level.

Are you excited about some project that was announced for the next year?