Top five myths about Ethereum.

1M Ago
Let's look at some of the biggest myths peoples tend to have about Ethereum. **Myth #1: Ethereum does not have errors or failures** One of the most prevalent misconceptions about this virtual currency is that it is error- and failure-free. That is untrue, though, as Ethereum is fallible just like every other currency. **Myth2.Ethereum Has Protection Against Attacks** This characteristic's foundational three components are resistance to assault, fault tolerance, and resistance to collusion. The most important thing to remember is that even if one of these fails, the system might end up being decentralized. **Myth3.The Collusion of the Pools is Impossible** Only transactions that the pool operator is interested in processing will be allowed to be included in the created blocks. Providing the dispersed generation of the blocks is one of the primary goals of current mining, which many pools have. **Myth4.Wallet Owners Can Have Private Access to Funds** Users cannot deal with funds or take part in such activities where they do not have possession of the funds, which is a distinctive characteristic of cryptocurrencies. **Myth5.Ether Uses More Energy to Mine Than Bitcoin** Ethereum's secure network is maintained more efficiently than Bitcoin's, mostly through mining. According to a platform like digiconomist, Bitcoin miners need 146TWh of energy annually, compared to 61TWh for Ethereum.