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Top Cryptocurrency Volumes After Filtering out Washtrading Exchanges.

Coinmarketcap gathers the volume reported from countless exchanges. As of writing (Mar, 22, 2019) Coinmarketcap reports that Bitcoin has a 24-hour trading volume of a staggering $9,269,003,038 Dollars. However, after filtering out the unreliable exchanges, I calculated an approximate $545,699,000 Dollar trading volume — This is only 5.9% of what coinmarketcap reports! This number is in line with what Bitwise reported.

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I'm sorry everyone. It was my fault.

He bought? Donate: BTC: 17pq2BcAVbaeXQgpZJ9Brw7qGW5YGGQUT9 ETH/ERC-20: 0x7175CE963017307f6e57cE89CDb29a761E25aBFF XMR: 83vDTyehsLQZHGcpr8mSs3dJBV5Xo7Ht919VHz...
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Does ETH development need more organization?

Mark my words...this is the single biggest threat to #Ethereum 2. If Phase 0 is late, this is the reason for the failure. It keeps me awake at night and I have tried everything I can think of to fix t...
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He Moved to Berlin, Found Love, and Built an Ethereum Dapp

Good morning defiers, wishing you a great start to your week. Today’s interview is somewhat of an inspirational story. When Nate Geier decided he wanted to focus on cryptocurrencies full time, he quit...