Token Eater and why no one has made one yet??

1M Ago
TO BE CLEAR I'M A NOOB TO SOLIDITY THIS IS PURELY AN INNOCENT QUESTION AND IDEA Still ironing this out for the most part. Not even sure if this sort of idea would work in smart contract from on ETH but I had a thought. We all have those random tokens in our wallets from failed farms, random airdrops, little leftover bits here and there. Some of these wallets you can be sure if you added up all the tokens held under $2.00 some of our wallets have hundreds of dollars in random little chunks of tokens. These tokens sit there because gas fees would most likely cause you to just pay money to swap these tokens. Losing all possible profits in the fees. Often the fees themselves for a swap being more than a dollar make it unattractive to swap a dollar for that price. I think if you could batch multiple tokens into a single transaction then you could swap all those trash tokens at once making the fee negligible. I understand that for the purposes of a swap their would need to be liquidity of that token for it be swappable. In theory if there was a liquidity pool that just held hundreds of different tokens all with different percentages would that work? Is it possible to make a protocol that could have a liquidity pool of that size? What sort of stuff am I overlooking here or not thinking about?