Token approval function, Web3 APIs, website dapps, codes needed and how to incorporate functions like query balances and approvals onClick


Please and please Guys, anyone, I’m working on creating a test dapp like a website using one of the various web3 ethereum providers and their API as my web3 project and I’ve been doing only online reading from online platforms. No actual tutor to break things down so it’s kinda hard. There’s a lot of learning I’ve done here on Reddit and I hope it keeps being as informative to everyone. For my test dapp I’ve accumulated functions of relevant codes I’d be needing but I’d just like to know more about these particular functions and how they work.

Guys, What I really need to know is, after signing a transaction does the spender who has already been granted access need to do anything else to initiate the transfer from the owner or does the transfer token function have to be in the same codes as the token approval one? Like before deploying your site.

Like, does the token move out after signing immediately or does the spender have to run any other back-end code? I know I’m saying the same thing but I want someone who gets my actual question. Please and please I’d be glad if any developers or web3 blockchain programmers can explain better.

Basically for the transfer to happen is the transfer function is called after the message is signed. Been learning programming on my own and if anyone can shed more light I’d be grateful about how the token approval allowance and transfer functions work and also, to approve multiple tokens would it be one sign-in message or MULTIPLE sign-in messages for EACH TOKEN approval .