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To celebrate PiDay Giveth is adding a new project to its DApp that did not accept crypto but now can through our last-mile solution. Donate today for PiDay!

Nonprofit Children’s Hospital Now Accepts Crypto Donations Via Giveth and Alibre

Mar 14

The Fundación Castro Limón in Tijuana, Mexico is an incredible nonprofit. Founded in 2003, Castro Limón’s first major action was to orchestrate the construction of a children’s hospital, the Pediatric Oncology Center Hospital of Baja California. Since the facility’s doors opened in 2007, it’s provided free, quality care to cancer patients between the ages of 0 and 18 from low-income families.

We’re proud to announce that, through a partnership with, Giveth has developed a service that will allow Castro Limón to receive donations in cryptocurrency for the first time in the organization’s history!

You can donate to Castro Limón through their Giveth Campaign or send them ETH, DAI, XDAI or BTC using Alibre’s donation page !

This development also comes just in time for MakerDAO’s ‘Pi Dai’ initiative on March 14th, a.k.a. Pi Day. Crypto holders are encouraged to donate $3.14 (or $31.41, or $314.15, etc.,) worth of DAI and other ERC20 tokens to participating nonprofits. To donate to Castro Limón, Giveth, or GraceAID with Pi Dai, read more on MakerDAO’s initiative right here or just donate NOW! Donations up to $314.15 will be matched by MakerDAO!

Giveth is thrilled to be a part of this collaboration. Some of our members recently got the opportunity to sit down with Castro Limón’s executive director, and quite frankly we’re blown away by the work they do.

On top of cutting edge medical treatments, the hospital also offers supportive psychotherapy sessions as well as nutritional therapy, toy room therapy and a range of alternative therapies. Together, these offerings contribute to a more holistic healing environment.

What’s even more remarkable: in the hospital’s 12-year history, they’ve never once charged a patient. The costs of hospitalization, treatments, surgeries, lab tests, and the various therapies, not to menti...

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