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To all the people rejoicing that we had a green day - Keep DCAing and don't let your emotions get the best of you

**tl;dr - We could hit an ATH within the next few months or We could be knee-deep into a bear market, or we could see this crabby sideways action for months together. Nobody knows shit about fuck so, keep DCAing and staking your crypto instead of going all in and try to time the bottom.** I know it feels great to have a 10% Pump yesterday, but this is no assurance of the recovery being started. Remember if you see the charts, we're still making higher highs and lower lows as the days pass which is the textbook definition of a downtrend. Add that to the fact that shitcoins are still pumping \~2x more than bitcoin when it surges and I still have a slight feeling this might not be the near bottom. Shitcoins exist as long as there's greed in the markets and at the near bottom the hopes of the retail are absolutely shattered and everyone moves on with their lives and crypto isn't covered as much as the media does it now. And the bear market doesn't happen within days or weeks. It's months of a crabby-ranging shit market that keeps dipping lower every week, slowly draining out the liquidity as the volume tapers to yearly lows. And as for the reasoning that this time Institutions and Banks have invested? Let me tell you one thing about big money - They don't enter new markets easily and when they do, they don't like to buy things at a normal price; they'll try their level best to push down the markets as much as they can before they load their final bag and then start publishing bullish outlooks. In this aspect, you could suspect as the bottom is near, since Goldman and JPM literally published FUDdy outlooks a few months back, and now after offering crypto in their services, they've gone bullish on these instruments. Institutions think Crypto's gonna be available for dirt cheap a few months later? Sure, they'll FUD the markets for one last time and then load their final bags. If you had a crystal ball, that would be the ideal time to YOLO in your life savings (*if you...
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