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Time to get Real (or, the proof is in the pudding…)

How do you know where crypto prices are headed next?

How do you time your trades, or read the market for the strongest projects to invest in?

How do you best support why crypto is here to begin with… to free people from traditional finance and put our sustainability into our own hands?

This is why we started Santiment, 3 years ago today. (July 4, 2017)

To bring clarity to the crypto market. Because it carries important keys to our freedom. But only if we can see clearly and not get caught up in all the Wild West noise.

So… how do we get clarity into the crypto market? Have we succeeded?

Well, we’ve had another year to study it, now that we have machines crunching massive amounts of chain and social data, and humans watching for patterns (and sharing their insights with the community!)

And we’ve found its pretty simple – We can read the crypto market fairly well through *behavior analytics* Simply by learning *how* to observe what people are doing.

Recent analyses from our “Bold Predictions” insights Of course, simple doesn’t always mean easy ;)

We’ve discovered a lot of surprises, and challenges, in getting to this point.

These surprises and challenges have taught us how to further hone our services, so we can better help YOU understand it — and ultimately give you (and the community at large) the power to direct your own crypto destiny.

First… let’s see what we’ve put in place in the last year, to make the behavior analytics possible:

Consolidated Insights into increasingly actionable signals. There’s some “travel time” under us now — enough to start validating patterns we’ve been observing — so we’ve been packaging these into a variety of publications for both subscribers and the public at large. Readers can keep a finger on the pulse with some great free newsletters, and unlock deeper Pro Insights with a Sanbase Pro subscription (and a SAN discount!) Just a few of our many accurate ...
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