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TIL: You can actually earn ETH by playing games? (e.g. Gods Unchained)

Many gamers are familiar with the concept of P2W: Pay to Win which is an utterly bad concept which can totally destroy a game. TIL, with Ethereum, there is now a new gaming concept P2E, which is Play to Earn! This is apparently not a new thing, but I just learnt of it despite months of reading crypto news and forums. According to this source, one can earn up to $360 a month by playing Gods Unchained: []( There could also be some rare NFTs in the game that could have literally no limit to their price. Basically like Beeple's art, as long as there is someone willing to buy it, then it is worth that much. Many of these games are on Immutable X, which is based on Ethereum: * Immutable X creates a loop around the **Ethereum blockchain**. As a result it uses the security of **Ethereum**, without having to rely on it to process transactions. * Immutable X uses a technology developed by Starkware, called zk-rollups. This technology allows zero-cost transactions and can serve up to 9 thousand transactions per second, compared to the handful Ethereum can do. In addition Immutable X allows users to mint ERC-721 tokens for free, all while tapping into the network security provided by Ethereum. * [](
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