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Thomas Bertani Leads the Eidoo Project, the blockchain-to-human interface

Eidoo: Thomas Bertani is the new CEO

Eidoo is a blockchain-to-human interface simplifying the interaction between the blockchain and their users.

Eidoo wants to make things safer and simpler at the same time, via a mobile app, which was designed to be incredibly easy to use while bringing the sophisticated tools from the cryptocurrencies ecosystem to the final users.

Eidoo new CEO announcement

Originally founded by Natale M. Ferrara — who is also the company CFO — Eidoo decided to assign Thomas Bertani (already known for his work at Oraclize) the role of CEO to work side by side with the two Eidoo teams in order to coordinate their interaction and direct their efforts towards the project goal of designing a unique solution.

More details on the alliance between Eidoo and Oraclize has recently been published here.

“We decided to give Bertani the important role of CEO because he is a worldwide expert in the blockchain industry and, having worked on both the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems for a long time, he can fully understand, appreciate and leverage the best of both.” said Natale Ferrara.

Thomas Bertani commented:

“The Eidoo project vision is somehow complementary with the one I have been working on the last few years. Thanks to the joined effort of several teams which are now coming together under the same umbrella, a new strong foundation was formed to build production-grade blockchain dapps which are both easy and secure. There is a long way ahead, but a lot of great work has already been done, proving why the Eidoo team is so exciting.”

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