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This Sub's Incredible Opportunity To Lead The Way

It feels to me as though the donut system on this sub has an enormous opportunity to lead the way in making real change in the world of social media. Currently, consumers of social media are being directly and aggressively targeted with adverting. This advertising is the driving force behind the financial incentives of social media. Whether it is the companies that created social media apps/websites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) that are being paid enormous amounts of money to promote products or even political agendas on their apps/websites or it is the influencers that are using subtle paid promotions to bring our attention to a product. These advertising methods are what is funding these operations allowing them to seem "free to use". To me, over the past few years, the amount of advertising has become very concerning. Donuts are an experiment, that to me, feels like it could be a positive step in the direction. Giving more power back to the user. We, as users of this subreddit have a small amount of power to control the type of content we want to see. The upvote/downvote buttons show our support or disapproval of any particular piece of content. Now that the upvote has an inherent value being pegged to a donut value, we can reward quality content as a community. This is vastly different to the current business model of many social media apps. Which sees the company behind the app/website's creation paying creators a small cut of the advertising revenue dependent of view time/likes etc. My feeling is that our donut system can naturally reduce the amount of clickbait and poor quality content that has flooded our social media feeds over recent years. Content creators will now be genuinely rewarded for quality content with the tokenisation essentially of the upvote button. This will come with its issues and problems. But we are among some of the first communities to experiment with this system and experience how it works. As a community, we may be at the...
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