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This is what the near future of VR looks like: crypto-powered VR

This is what the near future of VR looks like The platforms, technology, and willpower are all in position.

Global virtual reality revenues will surpass $7 billion this year. Still, that market is expected to grow more than 10x over the next few years, hitting nearly $75 billion in 2021.

Source: Greenlight Insights

While a majority of revenues this year will come from headset sales, future growth will hinge on VR content, for both consumers and businesses.

Source: Greenlight Insights

But what will this content look like? How will it feel?

We already have some incredible VR experiences available, including immersive films and collaborative spaces. But these experiences are relegated to finite spaces — you cannot remove yourself from scenes in a VR movie, nor can you exit the confines of a workspace built independently in VR.

Fortunately, that’s all about to change, enabling the biggest, baddest, most innovative experiences yet.

For example, Priscila Coghlan (who is currently finishing her thesis in architecture and urbanism) has been developing spaces to be launched within Decentraland, a decentralized VR world. While the platform’s capabilities aren’t yet ready for her to deploy her work, it provides an incredible sneak peek at what’s just around the corner.

Source: Priscila Coghlan

The full video is fairly long, so here are just some of the highlights. Keep in mind that these are just rough mockups by a single designer. With funding and talent flowing into the VR space, we should see some incredibly polished final projects.

Note: The hexagonal gridlines that you see are how Decentraland currently separates land parcels. You can learn more about their project and how to buy/develop land at their website.

The future is arriving

For decades, incredible immersive VR experiences were either non-existent or limited to severely restricted environments. With platfo...

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