This is my theory of why I think the popularity of blockchain games has increased

1M Ago
People are becoming used to blockchain gaming as time goes on, but I recall how many people thought it wouldn't work out in the beginning. Now, it's making enormous sums of money, and even well-known game developers and companies have started creating these games. With all these resources at our disposal, even creating these games isn't that difficult because Altura and other technologies greatly assist developers in integrating NFT content in these games and marketplaces. Why do you think the popularity of blockchain games has increased? This is my theory... In the past, people bought classic games for thousands of dollars in exchange for aesthetics. These items are not resellable and solely provide aesthetic appeal and potential game-related advantages. Blockchain games are now changing everything. Blockchain gaming is going to completely change the way we play video games through NFT ownership, real in-game ecosystems, and demonstrable fairness. How do you feel?