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These developer APIs can be used to connect to the major crypto exchanges!

One of the biggest challenges for builders in the cryptocurrency community is the vast inconsistency in function and quality of exchange APIs. Every exchange has their own quirks which present an impossible challenge for developers who want to integrate support for a range of exchanges. The impulsive whims of each exchange’s technical team means things can change without notice, assets can unexpectedly become unavailable or unlisted, and the API calls you were comfortable using may disappear. There are no standards or best practices that have been established, so dealing with exchanges becomes exhausting.

The current way applications are built on top of exchanges is unsustainable. Even simple tasks become overcomplicated when dealing with the inconsistencies of exchanges. This places a significant burden on application developers.

After months of development, the Shrimpy team is releasing the solution to this colossal problem. We are tired of watching amazing development teams struggle due to arrangements that are out of their control. The crypto community deserves better. Bringing crypto to the masses requires a unified interface under which we can access and manage every exchange. Providing development teams the tools that are necessary to create incredible products.

Our solution to this complex problem is a universal layer which sits between the application developers and exchanges. This eases the development and maintenance burden on developers and frees them up to focus on creating new and innovative products.

Today, Shrimpy is releasing the Universal Crypto Exchange APIs. These APIs will provide the foundation for the next wave of trading tools. Eliminating the complex nature of crypto exchanges, Shrimpy’s Universal API v1 offers the following features:

Trade Execution. Portfolio Allocation. User Exchange API Key Management & Secure Storage. Exchange Account Data Collection. Market Data Collection. Automated Rebalancing & Strategy...
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