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The UpBots DeFi Trading Ecosystem Partnering with DEX AG

The UpBots DeFi Trading Ecosystem

Today is a very exciting day for Team UpBots. Our mission to bring world-class trading tools and the ability to manage any asset class at any time, to traders everywhere, takes a big step forward. We are hard at work developing our trading ecosystem so traders are empowered.

While building UpBots over the first half of 2020 and making partnerships with many household centralized exchange names (more to come on that soon), we can’t help but have noticed the meteoric rise of the decentralized trading ecosystem and some really interesting DeFi solutions.

While DEXs and other decentralized finance products have been around for the last couple of years, the last six months have seen volumes and total locked assets skyrocket.

The UpBots DeFi Trading Ecosystem

We want to serve every trader by enabling them with world-class trading options and innovative tools both in the crypto space and beyond. This is why today we are launching the UpBots DeFi Trading Ecosystem.

We believe DeFi has a huge role to play in the future of finance, and as the recent trading activity has demonstrated, it seems inevitable that it will become more and more in demand by traders all over the world, and so it is critical to our mission that we proactively build it into the UpBots platform.

This means you’ll be able to utilise our trading platform, bots, and marketplace for top-tier crypto exchanges and simultaneously trade, swap and allocate liquidity across many different DEXs, and DeFi protocols and solutions, all from within the UpBots platform.

We believe this is a unique offering in the market right now and we are excited to bring this to life, as well as the innovative new trading tools that we are developing with our DeFi partners.

We’ll be revealing more details as we finalize on-boarding new partners and further build out our platform.

Announcing Our First DeFi Partner: DEX AG

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