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The top dapp based casino in the market that has ambitions to provide users a source of gambling during a pandemic while emerging as an industry leader.

[EarnBet]( is an online decentralised casino operating on the WAX chain and has ongoing partnership with ChainLINK in utilizing its state of the art price-prediction and betting mechanisms. The casino was recently listed as the topp dapp in its category by DappRadar and has the lowest-in house edge. Moreover, it is rumored that the casino may soon add live poker and slots to its platform: The casino has the lowest in-house edge and has grown exponentially since it partnered up with ChainLINK and has active giveaways including: 1)Samsung Galaxy S20 2)Nano X Ledger 3)$50 sign up bonus 4)$50 in store merchandise credit. I really hope that the two parties can foster as a result of their partnerships.
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