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The State of Eth2, June 2020 by Danny Ryan

A huge thank you for excellent input and feedback from Sacha Saint-Leger, Joseph Schweitzer, Josh Stark, and protolambda.

I spend a lot of my time explaining and answering questions about eth2, and I mean a lot. Some of this on a deep and technical level as I help communicate research and specifications to technical contributors, but more and more these days I’m fielding questions from the community about eth2 progress, direction, motivations, design decisions, delays, and more. I actually really enjoy these conversations. I get super excited as I explain eth2, come up with new ways to describe various components, or find the right analogies depending on the audience to get the gears turning and the light bulb to switch on.

But this dynamic/conversational method, while valuable, leaves a ton of the community in the dark. I get asked the same questions time and time again, and more concerningly, I get asked the same questions 6 months later! Clearly there is an information problem. This information exists, but it is scattered across the web – research posts, specs, spec explainers, public calls, public channels, reddit, blog posts. My first attempt after devcon5 to bridge the information gap between those deep in eth2 and the rest of the community manifested itself as a new blog series, “eth2 quick update”. These are little snippets to help follow along, but I’m realizing they don’t really communicate the bigger picture. The bigger picture does get communicated and discussed on podcasts, AMAs, and conferences, but, even then, a written form will still aid these efforts.

So here we are. This post is aimed at the community, to provide you with a comprehensive look at what eth2 is today: where it’s going, what it might become, and what it means for you, the Ethereum community. I will attempt to provide the right amount of technical substance to illustrate the motivations, the vision, the current state of the project, and the work to com...

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