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The P2P Grid We All Want

The P2P Grid We All Want

We appreciate the community’s support and engagement on our Slack, where we recently added our 1,000th member. If you still haven’t joined, you should go to our website and sign up!

We encourage everyone, even critics, to join and contribute to the discussion. I pride myself on being skeptical of opaque projects and calling out nonsense. I believe criticism is crucial and serves as an important check through which to constantly re-evaluate your work and ensure the project is on track. One of the most common criticisms we get for Grid+ is something like the following:

You can do the same thing Grid+ is doing with a centralized system. You don’t need to use a blockchain.

This statement is astute. In fact, it is partly true for our short-term model. However, it will stop being true as our system evolves and we start seeing more distributed energy resources (DERs) come online. Regardless, this is something on which I want to elaborate because it gives me a chance to outline how cool the future we’re building is going to be.

We all want a p2p energy future and there are several projects in the space that are working on it. What separates Grid+ from most other projects I’ve come across is that we want to build the future of energy using the existing grid infrastructure. This makes our roadmap considerably different from others, who mostly rely on building microgrids. I’ve already written about why I think microgrids are generally a waste of time and resources, so I won’t get into that here.

In the short term, we will be operating as a traditional utility (and also licensing our software/hardware to traditional utilities around the world). It would be much easier and cheaper to simply use an event-sourced database and record transactions internally. I have written about event sourced databases before — I think they’re neat and in many cases preferable to blockchains. So why are we building Agents and pa...

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