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The My Crypto Heroes Playbook — Episode 2: NFT Economics

The My Crypto Heroes Ecosystem

The game economy, quest design, tournament rewards, and hero sales structure are a fine-tuned machinery that keeps the value of unique assets intact. Every decision we make at My Crypto Heroes needs to answer one central question:

How does this impact the value of our users’ assets?

Every update, every new hero, every new quest, every tournament, every raid, every partnership with other companies, and every new project within our company has to answer this question first.

OpenSea Ranking on Nov 11th 2019 Ecosystem Design Decisions The Costs of being Competitive

Currently, the cheapest Heroes are traded around 0.22 ETH (~$35.72) and cheapest Extensions around 0.01 ETH (~$1.62).

The most expensive Hero type (Einstein) is traded at 53 ETH (~$8,599) and Extension at 17.5 ETH (~$2,840).

Let’s see how this breaks down for different user groups; from the beginners to the veterans that can afford to invest in Legendary Heroes:

Each team for quests or tournaments needs a total of 3 Heroes and 6 Extensions. Free-Tier Players (beginner Heroes)Every player starts with 3 free heroes, which are capped at lvl 40. If they keep grinding the beginner quests, they eventually collected enough in-game currency to buy original, NFT Heroes. Besides quests, there’s not much they can do. (they’re not competitive in PvP tournaments) Low-Tier Players (for quests and lowest tournament)You can get started with by buying the cheapest Heroes for 0.22 ETH (~$35.72) and cheapest Extensions around 0.01 ETH (~$1.62). For a fairly weak team on the lower end, that’s around ~$117. With this team, you can go on quests but are not very competitive in PvP tournaments. Mid-Tier Players (competitive in middle tournaments)Rare Heroes are traded around 0.5 ETH (~$81.13) and rare Extensions around 0.1 ETH (~$16.24). That’s ~$341 for an average team to compete well in the lower class tournaments. (which give original Extensions as reward...
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