The most useful/trustful layer 2s

21D Ago
I'm currently acquiring a variety of layer 2 tokens. I believe the future of Ethereum rest in the balance of layer 2s. MATIC, OP, LRC, METIS, BOBA, SKALE, IMX, and AURORA are the ones I'm in currently in. Once Arbitrum and zkSync offer their tokens I'll get into those as well. I try to read as much as I can about these projects to try and stay in the loop. So far I feel like the news as dried up a bit (thanks crypto winter). To me the most trusted is MATIC, Arbitrum, and OP in that order. Can I ask for some opinions about these tokens? Be as negative and has positive as you want. I want to see what my fellow Redditors think about these projects instead of the bogus influencers.