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The Man Who Tokenized Himself Gives Holders Power Over His Life

Frenchman Alex Masmej, 23 years old, recently raised $20,000 on Ethereum by tokenizing himself. Now he wants his investors to vote on his life choices. 

His “control my life” experiment challenges token holders to tell him whether to take a run or eat only veggies. That may sound a little self-indulgent, but there is a bigger agenda here. It may even be a startup, according to Masmej. He’s not sure.

Based in Paris during the coronavirus pandemic, Masmej is excited about his plan to move to San Francisco next year to work on several projects, including NFT-DeFi startup Rocket. Our conversation – about self-tokenization and more – has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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What motivates you to sell yourself? 

I want to change the world by building a growing, profitable company that has a significant impact. I can provide a great service to the world if I can provide people with the ability to make money. I think the best way to do that is to build a tech startup.

The reason why I chose crypto is that it has a very low barrier to entry, unlike AI or 3D printing startups. I tokenized myself and asked people to vote for my habits to get some attention as I wanted to do something in a light, funny, and innovative way to raise funds. It’s a great way to know your audience, engage them and trigger the discussion. I know this can’t become a $1 billion company, but it was a fun experience, and my token went up.

How do you build an image for selling personal tokens?

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The investors of $ALEX token are founders in the crypto industry who already have companies and want to help me out. I have thousands of followers on Twitter, and they like my energy and say I am young and funny. There are almost 30 people who want to invest and think about how I might grow up. My market c...

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