The majority of ETH withdrawals are controlled by two entities


Most of you already know that Web3 gaming aims to transform the online gaming sector by providing gamers with low-cost transactions and complete control over their data, whilst also providing creators with the tools to genre-defining games.

But do you think we need it?

Billions of dollars have been poured into the space, many gaming giants are investing in Web3.

I play several blockchain games, Splinterlands, CoinFantasy, Axie Infinity, etc. and I really think that idea of these games is amazing.

But on the other hand what about scalability for example? Scalability is a recurring issue being faced in web3. Networks must be capable of handling massive amounts of data and transactions created by gaming apps quickly and efficiently.

I am aware that layer 2 solutions such as Immutable X and Boba Network, enable games to run as cheaply as possible, without compromising on the user experience, but there's much more to achieve so these games can become worldwide popular.

To truly bring web3 gaming to the masses, we must go beyond just marketing and outreach efforts.

Another issue is that the regulatory and legal landscape for web3 is still largely uncharted territory, and navigating the complex issues of intellectual property, data privacy, and security requires expert legal counsel and strategic planning, to ensure the longevity of web3 gaming.

So, what are your predictions for the mass adoption of Web3 gaming?