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The Importance of Public Participation for DAOs with Decentralized Governance Structures

It is believed that public participation in governance helps all stakeholders to establish a mutually understanding relationship, instilling support for proposed developments which contribute to a nation’s or an organization’s overall sustainable development. Public inclusiveness is highly relevant and crucial in identifying the general interests and concerns of the public. It also serves to boost trust as Marzuki states that from the public’s perspective, “the act of inviting to engage in the decision making process is considered as a sign of acceptance”. This is further supported by Joseph, in his article, as he states that in the case of decentralizing organizations, employees were provided a sense of increased importance and trust, allowing them to make better use of the knowledge and experience they have which in return, provides the organization with the ability to utilize the power of collective intelligence.

In the case of governments, the ability to establish a mutually understanding relationship and the ability to build trust with the public has never been more important than it is today.

“Despite efforts in democratizing governance structures… There is a general decline of trust in governments around the world.” — Cheema & Rondinell

One of the reasons for this is thought to be in the perception that “civil society is unable to influence government activities”. This statement is supported by the increasing cases of public alienation from government and public affairs. Example cases: example 1, example 2, example 3

However, it must be noted that this lack of engagement with the public may not lay in their conscious efforts to do so, but rather a by-product of systematic incompetency. Marzuki explains this to be in “bureaucratic constraints caused by the lack of a systematic approach and an inadequate public administration system” and “the difficulties faced by the public when it comes to understanding the technical reports and...

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