The Game of Life | On Ethereum | Thoughts?


I’m thinking of building a game, on Ethereum, like the millions of other NFT-powered show-me-the-money games. Where NFT games cost tons of money to play, and while they’re fun, are just way too unaffordable.

Enter, The Game of Life, on Ethereum. Most NFT games are super engaging, and want you to play every day, like the trillions of games, on Ethereum and non-crypto based. I propose a situation that puts the focus on you, and your progression as a human being.

From birth, we are born into the ideal of what our parents believe in, they teach us things, and they give us advice. When we reach adulthood, we lead almost boring lives, filled with work, and the upsides of life, like Ethereum! The Game of Life was one of my favorite childhood games to play and made you experience this Tomodachi mini-me who had to face life’s problems, and maybe win the lottery or buy a swanky house.

What if, on Ethereum, your life could be documented and gamified into your own board. You play by your rules, get your first job, move somewhere new, or get married. All of these life events would be documented onchain, but not the Google stuff, your birthday or your name. The stuff that really matters, like your major life events.

When you die, you won’t be left with a gravestone, but a history of you, who you were, forever lasting on the blockchain. Your move to Germany or Japan would last forever. On Ethereum, you wouldn’t be collecting moss and dead flowers, you would flourish and live on the blockchain.

This game would still be a play-to-earn game, in the form of LIFE tiles, or my idea, $TILE coin, which would not only be a nice way of earning some crypto, but actually have sentimental value to you. These tile coins and NFTs would be a memory that you and Ethereum users will never forget.

Wrapping up, is this a good idea? Would you play the game? Would you be comfortable to sharing life events like this for the rewards and memory you receive?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! I will, also, be ensuring that this game is free-to-play with the optional fun of earning more $TILE with NFTs that are fairly priced ($10-50).