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The Future of Optimistic Ethereum

It feels like a lifetime ago that we released a unicorn pig hybrid into the world. Today, we’re unveiling our most significant improvement to Optimistic Ethereum since its inception.

This is a massive step towards our mission of bringing native Ethereum to layer two. Contracts will deploy with the click of a button. The tooling you know and love will just work. And it’s all built around Ethereum’s most secure client codebase.

The rollout begins in a few weeks.

ETH, too

Building core infrastructure is hard, and battle-testing new science takes time — just ask any seasoned Ethereum developer how far today’s tooling has evolved from the early days.

Building an EVM-compliant rollup poses an even greater challenge: supporting the entire Ethereum stack within the new science. Re-implementing security-critical EVM features is costly; every additional line of code introduces the risk of vulnerabilities.

This is why we have continually asked ourselves: “What are the fewest lines of code that can scale Ethereum?” We first got addicted to deleting code when a contributor replaced our 5,000 line transpiler with a 300 line brilliancy. And now, in a twist of fate — it’s time to delete his code too.

Armed with years of knowledge gained deep in the belly of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, we took some time to re-evaluate our initial assumptions and see what could be improved. The result: a rollup which extends beyond EVM compatibility, to EVM equivalence. By precisely enforcing the Ethereum Yellow Paper, anyone who has written code targeting Geth can now deploy without change — even for advanced features like traces and gas. The upgrade removes our custom compiler, and over 25,000 lines of other code, in favor of simply using what already exists.

Our minimalist philosophy also provides unique scalability at the social layer. By building on top of an existing Ethereum client (Geth), we inherit any improvements made to Ethereum cli...

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