The Evolution of Blockchain

3D Ago
There are people who mistake me for coming on this sub to attack and defeat Ethereum. By the way, I am a developer who is making a blockchain mainnet that works with Ethereum. Therefore, Ethereum needs to prosper more in the future to benefit me. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the first generation mainnets. Other altcoins are only variants of the first generation, not the second or third generation. In other words, the current blockchains are still in the first generation. For example, it is the same as there are various mutations in Chinese coronavirus. None of them are out of the first generation. I am not disparaging the performance of the first generation blockchain. Humans also started from the primitive. They were also Paleolithic people who used stone axes. Then the Neolithic Revolution broke out, and farming and herding began. As a result, humanity as an animal that relied only on hunting has been reborn as humanity in a true sense. Bitcoin and Ethereum correspond to the Paleolithic era in coin history. They are really primitive. Just because they are primitive doesn't mean I disparage them. It's like I disparage the Stone Axe of the Paleolithic. The stone axe was the wisest choice at the time. However, no one would believe that stone axes should be used today because they were wise at the time. Now is the age of forkcranes. No one will dispute the need for blockchain to evolve. However, no one appears to put a bell on the cat's neck. When you explain the need to them, they create one excuse or another. If you listen to the created excuses carefully, it means that the stone ax is better than the forkcrane, so they have to remain in the existing primitive era. The existing first-generation blockchain has various problems as the first generation, that is, as a primitive one. This is an inevitable limitation that always existed when the first invention came out. The first car was powered by a steam engine. It was genius and successful at the time. However, no one would argue that it should be used permanently just because it was genius and successful at the time. However, when these stories are posted on r/etherum, surprisingly, there are people who insist that steam cars are the best and there is no reason to improve. When developing the second-generation mainnet, the primitive aspects of the first-generation blockchain are discovered here and there. A representative one of them is the use of gas costs as a security tool. In addition, there are many other things that need to be improved, such as nonce, anonymity, fork phenomenon due to excessive decentralization, and mining that has now disappeared from Ethereum. These problems will all be resolved one day. So, when it reaches the 4th generation, it will be transformed into a current cool electric car.