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The Ethereum Bot Economy OR a Peak Into The Future

Nothing changes until everything changes OR No gods, no kings, nor even men, only bots!

In a thousand years it is probable the current times we are living through will be seen as a key epoch of human civilization, hopefully for the better.

That is because man has achieved an extension of what crudely we would call acting intellect, and with more nuance we would call an extension of a mixture of taste and touch.

Out of the five senses – vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch – vision was extended first through the fax machine.

Now the fax machine sent a piece of paper, so simplifying it to vision is a bit crude, with the radio’s extension of hearing courting less nuanced criticism of classification.

Yet TV’s extension of both hearing and vision, as well as taste or the tongue, makes any clarification through these very simplified five categories, a complete mess.

But we can say smell has not been extended, probably because it’s a very localized feature. While touch depends on how you want to define it but generally we have considerably extended our ability to touch.

The Esoterics of Scientifiko

The idea we want to espouse is both aided and hampered by this five senses model. Aided in as far as describing the tongue as taste, speech as taste, does illuminate in that code, and the bot from it, is an opinionated creation of an individual, or group, with biased and subjective views.

That has obvious dangers, and far too many, especially when this code is in charge of physical objects, but also when it is in charge of categorizing the world’s knowledge or in mediating human communication.

Code extending taste therefore is a fruitful prism, but too limited in that taste is the byproduct, not the core.

Likewise extension of touch is a useful way of seeing it too, as in extension of the ability to act especially digitally but also physically if the code is attached with such responsibility. Yet t...

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