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The Ethereum 2.0 Testnet Crashes Again, Participation Drops to 1.5%

The ethereum 2.0 testnet, Medalla, has not been finalizing for about 1,000 epochs, with participation dropping to as low as 1.5%.

There may be a fork as the crash happens while processing block 515616 (5d6fc4e3).

Apparently people left to Zinken, the ethereum 2.0 dry run, with Preston van Loon, a Prysm dev, stating:

“We enjoyed a successful dress rehearsal launch with the short lived Zinken testnet and now it is time to bring our attention back to Medalla.

If you were running a Medalla validator and turned it off, please turn it back on. This network hasn’t been able to finalize since Zinken started and we suspect that this is due to users abandoning Medalla for Zinken.

If you don’t intend to return to Medalla, please complete a voluntary exit so your validators will no longer contribute to participation issues.”

There are no real money at stake here, so node runners have no incentive to politely get out of the network. Thus they have caused problems for everyone. However Raul Jordan, another Prysm dev, says:

“This incident has been really good for us to see more opportunities for optimization and small bugs that don’t manifest except during times like this. Like for example, certain caches not working.

Nishant [Das, a Prysm dev] also discovered the root cause of the sync loop bug some stakers are seeing recently [pictured above].

There are only 3 more features to do before Prysm is feature complete for mainnet. Peer scoring, common slashing protection export format, and aligning to the eth2 api standard. Then, only security + improvements till launch.”

Medalla eth 2.0 testnet participation drops to 1.5%, Oct 2020

This matter was discussed in an eth 2.0 devs meeting, with the notes stating:

“Medalla testnet is not v1.0 conformant. We also expect most people to turn off their nodes when mainnet comes. Therefore, we are considering a new long-running v1.0 testnet/devnet without such...

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