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The District Weekly — July 13th, 2019 - district0x

The District Weekly — July 13th, 2019

News and updates from the district0x Network

This past week we published our biweekly Dev Update. The development teams have incorporated a new agile project management workflow. This new strategy is intended to prevent bugs from making it to production releases, as well as verify all new features have been tested, provide a more reliable production schedule, and facilitate a more collaborative environment for developers working on the same projects. It also provides a more open communication channel for operations team members assisting on the QA front. We look forward to greatly improving our development efficiency as the project pushes ahead.

Additionally this past week the Meme Factory 4th of July design contest concluded. For a full recap as well as the launch of the next design contest, please check out our post on cent.

district0x Network News Dapp Digest

Game of Memes is a Hearthstone clone that uses Meme Factory content exclusively to curate the game cards. In this video we show you how to play the game and dive into some of the features as well as how to get your own art into the game by using Meme Factory.

Stay tuned for our regular community livestream every other Tuesday at 3PM PDT (10PM UTC) as a forum for discussing recent updates to the district0x Network. You can join us on Mixer, Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube.

District Proposals

If you’d like to learn more about submitting your own idea as a proposal, check out the district proposal github repo for instructions and more information.

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