The District Daily - July 29nd, 2017 – district0x

5Y Ago
The District Weekly - July 29th, 2017 Updates from the district0x Network

With only 3 days to go in Contribution Period v0.1 for the district0x Network, we’ve raised 35,700 ETH from over 1900 unique addresses. There’s still time to acquire district0x Network Tokens at The period closes on August 1 at 3 p.m. UTC.

Between the talks of the bitcoin hard fork, the SEC announcement, and countless other news blurbs, it’s been quite a busy week for the ecosystem at large. Despite all this, district0x marches onward!

district0x Network News The team page is pushed live, providing an overview of the district0x team The transparency page is also pushed live, providing disclosures on project progress and use of raised funds Part 2 of Dragoş Ștefănescu treatise on Democratization and Organizational Governance is published Status announced a partnership with district0x! New District Proposals Memreez - A decentralized, searchable, geo-temporal address book of people and information. Ownernodes - A community for property owners and landlords Venue Platform - A platform for venues to interact with their guests Pool District - A district for pooling funds to participate in crowd sales MetaSwarm - A marketplace for Swarm City hashtag owners Clubspark - A team management module UI Framework - A framework for district user experiences - A network for distribution of fresh, local produce Blogchain - An open, decentralized blogging platform DAuction - A decentralized, anonymous auction district Ethtrade - A decentralized eCommerce platform built for cryptocurrency Iconoclast - A decentralized icon factory and library 1stDistrict - A curated dashboard for all districts on the network