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The developers behind Melonport + Rigoblock will be demoing at the Ethfinex Meetup 3 this month... Stop by for free drinks, networking and useful insights!

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Subject - Blockchain-based Asset Management.

We are lucking to have some of the most notable and respected projects in the space joining us to offer insight into their unique approaches, demonstrations of their product and an opportunity to get your questions answered!

◀ 19:00 ▶ ⌛


A short and snappy introductory talk by members of the Ethfinex Team, spotlighting some of our notable developments, latest news and upcoming features!

◀ 19:15 ▶ ⌛


Gabriel Rigo from (you guessed it!) RigoBlock will be joining us to introduce and demonstrate the RigoBlock platform in real-life, for the first time!

❝Gabriele is the founder of RigoBlock, a protocol that makes it inexpensive and immediate for users to create and run a fund on the Ethereum blockchain. With the increasing number of tokens, professional asset management is needed in the field of crypto. Right now it is already possible to access the RigoBlock beta platform. The long term vision is that the asset management industry’s operations will be automated through blockchain technology and the RigoBlock Protocol will empower the creation of any investment funds. Was previously Treasurer @1BN+ USD global macro hedge fund and Head of Investment @25BN+ USD asset management company. Msc finance from Bocconi & HSG.❞

◀ 19:45 ▶ ⌛


Next, we have Hansen Wang from the engaging Melonport team, who will be introducing and demonstrating the Melonport platform on the Kovan network.

❝Before joining Melonport, Hansen was an investment analyst in a Swiss Family Office, where he was part of the team responsible for managing and developing multi asset class strategies, conducting market research and preparing investment proposals for UHNWI clients. In addition, ...

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